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Investment residence permit

Investment residence permit is one of the most popular ways to obtain a residence permit in different countries. This type of residence permit involves investing a certain amount of money in the country's economy, which allows you to obtain the right to reside in this country for a certain period.

The exact amount of investment and conditions depend on the specific country. For example, in Latvia, in order to obtain an investment residence permit, it is necessary to invest at least 60,000 euros in various types of business. In the UK, the investment amount is at least £2 million.

The main difference between investment residence programs is that most countries do not require investors to permanently reside on their territory, or they set minimum requirements for visiting. Very popular among foreign investors are programs that allow you to obtain a European residence permit through the purchase of real estate. Such programs are available in Portugal, Greece, Spain, as well as in Latvia and Cyprus.

Other countries provide the opportunity to obtain a residence permit when living in the country for a certain period of time and paying taxes there or keeping the amount of money in local banks - Austria, Switzerland and the UK are examples of such countries.

In Switzerland, it is possible to obtain a residence permit through the payment of an annual flat tax, which is suitable for financially independent individuals who wish to move to the country. In Italy, there is a government program that provides the opportunity to obtain residence permits for making a contribution to the country's economy. The country also has a special tax regime for new residents, which makes Italy attractive to investors.

Each program has its own terms and conditions, including different application processing times ranging from a few weeks to several years. It is also necessary to decide in advance whether the investor wants to obtain citizenship in the future and how soon.

Among the main advantages of an investment residence permit are:

Fast and relatively simple process of obtaining a residence permit;

Opportunity to move to another country with family and/or business;

Access to a higher level of education, health care and other social benefits;

Opportunity to improve business opportunities;

The possibility of obtaining citizenship after a certain period of time.

However, the investment residence permit also has disadvantages:

  • The required investment can be very high;
  • Some countries may require that investments be made only in certain industries, which may limit business opportunities;
  • The investor may be forced to reside in the country where he invested money for a certain period of time, which may restrict freedom of movement;
  • Sometimes the process of obtaining a residence permit can be long and complicated.

When choosing a country for an investment residence permit, it is necessary to take into account many factors, such as political stability, economic conditions, living standards, access to education and healthcare, as well as the conditions for granting a residence permit.

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