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Top useful mobile apps when traveling to a foreign country

Relocation to another country can be stressful. It's a life-changing experience, but surprise and excitement await around every corner.

We have prepared a selection of mobile applications that will definitely come in handy when relocating or traveling to an unfamiliar country, especially if you will not be able to connect mobile Internet.



Rating 4.7

A popular and convenient service for quickly finding cheap flights, hotels and car rentals. With it, you can compare and choose the best prices for the selected time period. To do this, instead of a specific date, set the time interval from / to and see the days on which the flight will be cheaper. After selecting the desired ticket, the service will offer to go to the ticket purchase page without charging a fee.


WiFi Map

Rating 4.6

The application scans the environment and informs the user if there are free WiFi hotspots. You can find and connect to the Internet for free. The service already contains about 3 million free WiFi points in the European region and more than 10 million in the rest of the world, with new access points appearing every day. The free version of the app displays WiFi hotspots within 2 kilometers. In the paid version, it is possible to download full city maps with all access points to your mobile phone immediately to work offline.


Flush Toilet Finder

Rating 4.6

No one plans to visit a public toilet in advance, but it is better to be able to quickly find the right place. For this purpose, there is an application Flush Toilet Finder. The service contains constantly updated information about 100,000+ public toilets around the world. After finding the object, the application plots the route in Google Maps and shows the cost of the visit, if it is not free.



Rating 4.2

A free application where you can pre-load and download all maps and use them offline. If the Internet is available, accurate geolocation and navigation will work. You can create routes, search for objects on the map, mark favorite places. Having bookmarked the point where your hotel is located, you can always easily find it without additional help.

Rating 4.6

Perhaps the most popular service for booking hotels and apartments in all countries. By entering your bank card details, you can immediately pay the cost of living or guarantee payment to the accommodation facility. There are landlords who do not require prepayment or financial guarantees. You will be able to study photos, conditions of accommodation and reviews of other guests to find the best option for your stay.



Rating 4.5

This service shows reviews and ratings of attractions, hotels and restaurants around the world. Thanks to user reviews and ratings, it is easy to navigate the variety of offers and choose suitable places for recreation according to your liking and preferences. The application has a "Now near me" feature that helps you find and evaluate interesting objects that you can visit right now. The application helps you find out the cost of visiting restaurants, museums, attractions and other cultural sites..


Google Maps

Rating 4.1

A set of applications from the Google map service. Now it is not just a navigator and a map. With the help of the service, you can find the best route to the desired location, find out how much a ride on Uber or other taxi services will cost, find a hotel, gas station, get acquainted with the menu in a restaurant, and any other place that will be of interest to you.


Google translate

Rating 4.4

With this translator, you can install more than 100 languages on your phone. Available features such as: online translation in 100+ languages, offline translation in 60+ languages, speech mode that supports 30+ languages. You can take a picture of a restaurant menu, inscriptions, signs, signs, diagrams on a smartphone camera and get their translation. You can also translate handwritten text from 90+ languages and add a personal phrasebook to use.


XE Converter

Rating 3.5

One of the handy and free currency converters. The main advantage is that it works offline. For quality work, you sometimes need to connect to the Internet so that the application updates the current exchange rates.


We hope that with our selection you will be a little calmer on your trip and you will be able to focus on the most important things.

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