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Relocation and adaptation in a new country become easier with Relocat

Relocating to a new country is an exciting but difficult period in the life of any relocant. Adapting to a different culture, finding specialists and making new connections can be difficult tasks.

We, a team of relocators who ourselves have gone through relocation and adaptation in different countries, conceived and implemented the Relocat application to help others cope with these challenges and make the move comfortable and safe.

What can Relocat do:

  1. Assistance to Relocants in finding specialists in a new country:
    When moving to a new country, there is often a need for the services of realtors, tutors, lawyers and other specialists. Relocat provides a convenient tool for finding and contacting qualified professionals ready to help you in your new residence. Thanks to a wide database of experts, ratings and reviews, you will be able to find and select the best experts that are right for your needs.
  2. Communication and support from connoisseurs:
    Relocat also offers the opportunity to connect with and receive support from people who have already experienced moving to a new country. You will be able to join a community of experienced relocators, ask questions, exchange advice and share your experiences. This is a great way to get valuable tips and learn about the secrets of successful adaptation.
  3. Finding new clients for professionals:
    For service providers, Relocat offers the opportunity to attract new customers from among those who are moving. You will be able to create a profile describing your services and experiences and offer them to those who need help with the move. This is a great way to expand your client base and increase your visibility among relocators.

We tried to collect in one place all the functionality that may be useful. You don't have to use dozens of chats and social media groups. It is enough to install application.

  • Relocat offers a specialized search for professionals and communities related to relocation and adaptation. You can quickly find exactly those people who have experience and knowledge in your particular situation. On social media, searches can be more general and not have relevant results.
  • With the Relocat app, you get access to a community of experienced relocators and professionals who have already gone through a move to a new country. You can get trusted recommendations and advice based on their personal experiences. In social networks, information can be scattered, unverified and not reliable enough.

  • The Relocat app brings all the features and resources you need in one place. You don't have to spend time searching and tracking information in different groups and social media pages, reading dozens of irrelevant posts.
  • Relocat has flexible privacy settings that allow the user to control how much information about him is available to others, as well as select the countries from which users have access to the profile.
  • Relocat allows you to create your own network of contacts, which is so necessary in a new place: friends, countrymen, specialists. A map will be added very soon, where you can see the locations of users who are ready to help.

Using the application is simple:

Relocat is needed in order to make the process of moving and adapting to a new country easy, comfortable and successful for all relocators. We strive to provide a link between relocators, experienced migrants and qualified professionals to help relocators settle into their new environment quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to create a friendly and supportive community where relocators can share their experience, ask questions and get valuable advice from those who have already gone through the adaptation. We want to help relocators overcome feelings of isolation and fear of the unknown by providing them with the resources and support they need to successfully move.

Relocat is a convenient and efficient tool for managing all aspects of a move. Our application combines the necessary functions, resources and information, allowing relocators to save time and energy on finding it.

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