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Volunteering - an overview of international programs for work abroad

Volunteering is helping people or communities in need of support. Volunteers can engage in a variety of activities, from working for charities to participating in environmental projects. For example:

  • Preschool and school education.
  • Projects to protect the ecology of the region.
  • Protection and rescue of animals.
  • Work in the social sphere.
  • Medical projects.
  • Organization of sports camps and events.
  • Work in public organizations.

Participation in volunteer programs cannot be called a way of emigration, because. any program, even long-term, implies your return to your native country. However, volunteering allows you to travel, get to know the world, learn foreign languages, broaden your horizons, which further facilitates relocation.

Where else to look for volunteer programs abroad?

Simple internet search

Requests "volunteering abroad", "international volunteering", "LMTV volunteering", "volunteer workcamps", etc. will allow you to find a lot of information.

Databases of volunteer programs

You can choose a suitable volunteer program and learn a lot about volunteering abroad on special sites dedicated to this issue, such as: Volunteer Match, Go Abroad, Global Workcamps, Volunteer Forever.

Sites of public organizations

You can also find interesting volunteer programs in different parts of the world on the official websites of various organizations, including: United Nations, WWF, Red Cross, Peace Corps, Volunteers for Peace, Service Civil, International (SCI), Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations.

There are many international volunteer programs that provide volunteers with the opportunity to work in different countries of the world and help people in need. Some of them:

  • UN Volunteers is a program of the United Nations that provides volunteers with the opportunity to work in various projects related to development, humanitarian assistance and peacekeeping.

This program, run by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), brings together qualified, highly motivated professionals with a good knowledge base who work in various UN agencies, and promotes the values and worldwide recognition of volunteerism.


  • European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a European Commission program that allows young people from Europe to work around the world in projects related to education, culture, the environment and other areas.

The essence of the program: young people receive personal and professional development, the opportunity to travel and study culture for free, and socially significant non-profit projects receive activists who are ready to work regularly.

Youth workers and people working in the social sphere also participate in international mobility programs. 


  • International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is an organization that provides an opportunity for volunteers from around the world to work on projects related to education, health, social issues, etc.

IVHQ offers volunteer programs lasting 1-24 weeks with contributions (from $180) and without contributions. Programs are being implemented in a variety of areas, from work in reserves and historical and cultural sites to work in the fields of education and healthcare.

At the same time, the organization covers all continents, you can go to Australia, Africa or to the very heart of Europe.


  • World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is an organization that provides volunteer opportunities to work on organic farms around the world.

Program participants live and work with a host family and learn agri-environmental and sustainable farming practices first-hand, with no exchange of money between hosts and volunteers.

It is a way to learn practical farming and gardening skills, to become part of the organic farming movement and to get to know the heart of its culture.


  • GoEco - volunteer programs in 40 countries. From working with exotic wildlife to teaching English to children, from guided projects for teenagers to international internships for students.

The purpose of this program is the development of ecological tourism. Its members work in various shelters, reserves. GoEco members are first trained in the proper handling of animals. Work takes from 4 to 6 hours a day. The rest of the time volunteers study the culture and language of the host country. This program is paid - the fee is from 1000 to 2500 dollars

These are just some of the international volunteer programs, there are many other organizations and programs that also provide opportunities for volunteers to work abroad.

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