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Relocation and adaptation in a new country become easier with Relocat

Relocating to a new country is an exciting but difficult period in the life of any relocant. Adapting to a different culture, finding specialists and making new connections can be difficult tasks. We,...
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Where to go without a visa

Despite all the difficulties of recent years, there are still quite a few countries in the world where you do not need a visa to visit, or even for a long stay. We are looking for these countries on t...
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How much does rent cost in countries popular for relocation?

Migration, a trend that has been gaining momentum for several years, reached its peak in 2022. We looked at how the real estate rental market has changed in popular moving countries over the past year...
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Currencies of Georgia, Armenia and Tajikistan lead in growth in 2022

The national currencies of Georgia, Armenia and Tajikistan in 2022 topped the world ranking in terms of growth against the dollar. The reason for this is tens of thousands of visitors who brought bill...
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