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How to survive relocation?!

Moving to another country is an exciting adventure full of new opportunities and perspectives. However, in addition to all the benefits associated with such a move, moving can be a source of psycholog...
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Volunteering - an overview of international programs for work abroad

Volunteering is helping people or communities in need of support. Volunteers can engage in a variety of activities, from working for charities to participating in environmental projects. For example:...
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Investment residence permit

Investment residence permit is one of the most popular ways to obtain a residence permit in different countries. This type of residence permit involves investing a certain amount of money in the count...
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Top useful mobile apps when traveling to a foreign country

Relocation to another country can be stressful. It's a life-changing experience, but surprise and excitement await around every corner. We have prepared a selection of mobile applications that will de...
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How to find a job abroad, options and tips

When planning a move, the important question of finding a job in a new place arises. After all, everyday comfort in a new country largely depends on whether it will be possible to at least maintain th...
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